Archives for Year Regulations/Individual Regulations/2014
Reg.No. 1 of 2014: First Amendment to (Terms and Conditions for Determination of Tariff for Wheeling and Retail Sale of Electricity) Regulation No.4 of 2005
Reg.No. 5 of 2014: First Amendment to APERC: Licensee s duty for supply of electricity on request Regulation 2013
Reg.No. 2 of 2014: Second Amendment to (Interim Balancing & Settlement Code of Open Access Transactions) Regulation No.2 of 2006
Reg.No. 3 of 2014: APERC (Reorganisation) Regulation No.3 of 2014
Reg.No. 4 of 2014: APERC Reorganisation Regulation No.4 of 2014