Practice Directions
Practice directions for release of LT agricultural connections by DISCOMs
Practice Directions on disposal of representations by the Vidyut Ombudsman in accordance with Regulation 3 of 2016 - Issued
Levy of Capacitor Surcharge - Regularizing Additional Loads - Practice Directions.
Proceedings on RPPO (Compliance by Purchase of Renewable Energy/Renewable Energy Certificates) Regulations-2017 – For the years from 2017-18 to 2021-22.
Practice Directions on Benchmarking of SAIFI & SAIDI Reliability Indices.
Amendment Practice Directions to Proceeding No. APERC/05/2015 Dt: 29-01-2015
Practice Directions - Metering Issues - Location Ownership etc.

Development charges - Multistoried buildings - Order dated 29-05-2015