Procurement of power from M/s LANCO and M/s Spectrum during FY2020-21 on short term basis-Conditional approval accorded for April and May 2020
APERC Headquarters notified as Capital Region of the State of Andhra Pradesh Designation of Receiving Officer of APERC functioning at the Capital Region
Review of existing Power Purchase Agreements - PPAs - Commission s letter to Government
Agl. services Linking with other categories - Non-compliance
Appointment of Adjudicating Officer under Energy Conservation Act 2001
Electricity Laws, Regulations and Rights and Obligations - Involvement of AP State Legal Services Authority.
Approval for Procurement of 600 MW Power for FY 2016-17.
14-05-2015: Pettion of AP Transco field in the matter of True-up of Transmission Business for 2nd control Period (FY2009-10 to 2013-14).
02-04-2015:Notification of Fuel Price escalation and VC to be paid from 01-04-2015 to existing NCE based power plants.
CIRCULAR-Relating to pending proceedings
Proceedings No.11/2015,dated 23-07-2015
31-12-2014:Approval for Procurement of 2000MW (+ 20%) power under long term basis
M/s KPMG - Study Report for determination of Fixed Cost norms for existing Mini Hydel projects [ See Order Dated 23/08/2014]
M/s KPMG - Study Report on determination of Fixed Cost and Variable Cost norms for Biomass, Bagasse and MSW projects [ See Order Dated 16/05/2014 and Order Dated 19/07/2014 & 05/08/2014]
M/s KPMG - Study Report for determination of Fixed Cost norms for non conventional energy sources (wind projects) [ See Order Dated 06/09/2014]
Correspondance with Ministry of Power, Government of India on status of existing APERC Letter from APERC dated 07.10.2014
Letter from APERC dated 30.09.2014
Letter from Ministry of Power, Government of India dated 03.09.2014
Letter from APERC dated 21.08.2014
24.10.2014: Commission addresses Ministry of Power, GOI seeking directions under section 92/108 of the AP Reorganisation Act 2014 on the status of existing APERC
Enhancement of ex-gratia amount in case of fatal accident to Non-departmental person and animals (Proceedings No. APERC/Secy/EAS/S-101/177/2013)
30.10.2002 Commission issues order on Joint Petition of Andhra Ferro Alloys Limited, GMR Technologies and Industries Limited, FACOR and VBC Ferro Alloys Ltd.,