A.P.Electricity Reform Act 1998
Major Policy Initiatives: Some of the major policy initiatives taken by the GoI in the recent past
Works of Licensees Rules of AP 2007

Works of Licensees Rules 2006
National Electricity Plan:In July 2005, the CEA has come out with a draft National Electricity Plan inviting comments and suggestions from all the stakehodlers before October, 2005.
Rural Electrification Policy On 23rd of August, 2006 Government of India announced the Rural Electrification Policy.
National Electricity Policy: The Government of India issued the National Electricity Policy on 12th February, 2005.
The Electricity Act, 2003
The Electricity Act, 2003
A.P.Electricity Reform Act, 1998
Policy on Hydro Power Development: Download the policy issued by GoI in August, 1998
The Indian Electricity Act 1910 - Repealed
The Electricity Supply Act 1948 - Repealed