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Order passed in OP.No.35 of 2018 in the Matter of Determination of Tariff for APGENCO generating stations for the 4th control period
Grant of permission to avail power supply from Puducherry Electricity Department by M/s. Reliance Industries Limited
27-04-2019: Hearing Schedule
04-05-2019: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order: 04.05.2019
Public hearing on 21 Nos. Wind PPAs of M/s Suzlon Energy and M/s Axis Energy Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.
Petition filed by M/s Palnadu Solar Power Pvt. Ltd. for approval of tariff for additional 4.5 MW capacity
Daily proceeding order : 10.05.2019
In the matter of granting consent to renewed PPA between APDISCOMs and APGENCO

15.05.2019: Hearing Schedule
Utility Driven Solar Roof Top Pilot Program in APEPDCL in O.P. 32 of 2019
18-05-2019: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 18.05.2019
18-05-2019: Petitions Data
Common order passed in I.A.Nos. 4 5 and 9 of 2019 in OP.No. 1 of 2013
Order passed In the matter of Modalities Guidelines for implementing the Solar Roof Top SRT Policy 2018
Record of Proceedings 25.05.2019
25-05-2019: Hearing Schedule
Order passed on Load Forecasts Resource Plans and State Electricity Plan for 4th Control Period FY2019-20 to FY2023-24 and 5th Control Period FY2024-25 to FY2028-29 after correction of Ex-bus capacities of certain generators
Order passed in OP.No. 15 of 2017 in the matter of notifying the generic preferential tariff applicable from 01-04-2017 to 31-03-2018 in respect of Wind Power Projects in the State of Andhra Pradesh pursuant to Regulation 6 of Regulation 1 of 2015.
Reg.No. 1 of 2017: Renewable Power Purchase Obligation Compliance by purchase of Renewable Energy / Renewable Energy Certificates Regulations 2017
01-06-2019: Hearing Schedule
Record of Proceedings: 01-06-2019
Public Hearing in the matter of determination of variable cost for the period from 01-04-2019 to 31-03-2024 in respect of the existing biomass industrial waste and bagasse based power plants.
Petition filed u/s 86-1-b of the Electricity Act 2003 r/w Clause 55 of APERC - Conduct of Business- Regulations to reconsider the fixation of variable cost on pass through basis instead of variable rate of Rs.2.91/- per unit in respect of the petitioner

Record of Proceedings 07.06.2019
11-06-2019: Hearing Schedule
Record of Proceedings: 10-06-2019
11-06-2019: Petitions Data
Record of Proceedings: 11-06-2019