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08-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 08.08.2018
Order passed on 08-08-2018 in OP No. 13 of 2018
13-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 10.08.2018
Daily proceeding order 14.08.2018
Order passed on 08.08.2018 in I.A.No.16 of 2018 in O.P.No.8 of 2018
17-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Order passed in the matter of Procurement of 400 MW Power from M/s. Simhapuri Energy Limited
Security Deposit Regulation No. 6 of 2004 updated version as on 30-06-2020
18-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 18.08.2018
25-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily Proceeding order: 25-08-2018
01-09-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 01.09.2018
Order passed on 01.09.2018 in I.A. No. 23 of 2018 in O.P.Nos.60 and 61 of 2017
Reg.No. 1 of 2012: Renewable Power Purchase Obligation Compliance by purchase of Renewable Energy/Renewable Energy Certificates Updated version
Public Hearing on Load Forecasts Resource Plans and State Electricity Plan for 4th and 5th Control Periods

Tenure period of SAC Members - Gazette notification
15-09-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order: 15.09.2018
Revenue and Tariff Analysis for Electric Utilities of AP

29-09-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 29.09.2018
Agl. services Linking with other categories - Non-compliance
Public Notice: Seeking comments/suggestions/views on the proposed amendments to the Electricity Act 2003 and National Tariff Policy 2016

Joint Meeting of State Advisory Committee and State Coordination Forum - Agenda

Common Order passed in OP.Nos. 20 to 22 of 2018
Daily proceeding order 06.10.2018