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Petition filed by APPDCL praying the Commission to pass interim orders in O.P.No. 47 of 2017.
11-08-2017: Express Feeder - Amendment
06-01-2016: Enhancement of Power Supply Capacities - Amendment
05-05-2015: Reduction of agreement period from two years to one year - Amendment
31-05-2014: Amendment of General Terms and Conditions of Supply
27-01-2009: GTCS - Threshold Power Factor Levels - Amendment Order
07-03-2012: Making provision for removal/regularisation of additional load of LT III detected during inspection
Practice Directions on Benchmarking of SAIFI & SAIDI Reliability Indices.
Proceedings on RPPO (Compliance by Purchase of Renewable Energy/Renewable Energy Certificates) Regulations-2017 – For the years from 2017-18 to 2021-22.
Development charges - Multistoried buildings - Order dated 29-05-2015
Enhancement of ex-gratia amount in case of fatal accident to Non-departmental person and animals (Proceedings No. APERC/Secy/EAS/S-101/177/2013)
Proceedings No.11/2015,dated 23-07-2015
Rural Electrification Policy On 23rd of August, 2006 Government of India announced the Rural Electrification Policy.
Distribution and Retail Supply Licensees
Power Procurement Policy: APERC has issued guidelines on load forecasts, resource plans and power procurement on 28.02.2000.
Transmission Standards: The Commission laid down Transmission Planning & Security Standards, Power Supply Planning & Security Standards, Transmission Operating Standards and Power Supply Operating Standards in the year 2003.
Long Term Tariff Principles: The Commission has issued an Order in March 2003 on Long Term Tariff Principles (LTTP) after going through a detailed consultation process.
Policy on Hydro Power Development: Download the policy issued by GoI in August, 1998
National Electricity Policy: The Government of India issued the National Electricity Policy on 12th February, 2005.
Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana: A new scheme for creating rural electricity infrastructure and completing household electrification is launched by the GoI recently.
Major Policy Initiatives: Some of the major policy initiatives taken by the GoI in the recent past
National Electricity Plan:In July 2005, the CEA has come out with a draft National Electricity Plan inviting comments and suggestions from all the stakehodlers before October, 2005.
Works of Licensees Rules of AP 2007
Works of Licensees Rules_India_ 2006
A.P.Electricity Reform Act, 1998
Electricity Rules, 2005 under section 176 of the Electricity Act, 2003 by GoI
The Electricity Act, 2003
APERC granted Transmission Licence to APTRANSCO and Distribution Licence to four DISCOMS under Section 14 of Electricity Act , 2003. The list is mentioned below. License issued to APTRANSCO on 31.01.2000
Tariff Order for FY 2000-01
Tariff Order for FY 2001-02.