Officer Name S/Sri/Smt/Kum.


Job Description

C. Ramakrishna

Secretary i/c /

Director Admin

Assists the Commission in the overall functioning of the Commission Consumer Assistance

P. Solomon Herme

Joint Director - PPP

Power Purchase Agreements, RPPOs and Regulations related to RPPOs Consumer Assistance

M. S. Vidya Sagar

Dy. Director - PPP

Assisting JD -PPP in approval of PPAs, capital cost determinations and making of Regulations related to RPPO

D.Ramanaiah Setty

Dy. Director -TEngg.

Tariff related matters Monitoring technical issues related to tariffs like reduction of system losses, etc.

B. Ramesh Babu

Dy. Director Pay and Accounts and Dy. Director Personnel I/c

Maintenance of accounts of the Commission and looking after its finances.

Receiving and making payments on behalf of the Commission.

Personnel matters relating to the Commission, like recruitment of staff, pay fixation, training, application of conduct rules to the employees of the Commission and all related activities.

J. Sreenivasulu

Deputy Director Transmission

Compliance monitoring of SoP standards by Licensees Assisting in technical matters relating to transmission subjects

M.R.A. Srilakshmi

Legal Consultant

Looks after legal matters

Sabitri Mohantry

IT Consultant

Researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs

Testing and evaluating new programs

Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications

Writing and implementing software

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