Present Commission:

Justice C.V.Nagarjuna Reddy Chairman Since 30-10-2019 View Profile
Sri. P. Rajagopal Reddy Member Since 26-02-2020 View Profile
Sri. Thakur Rama Singh Member Since 26-02-2020 View Profile

Past Chairman and Members:

Sri G.P. Rao Chairman 03-04-1999 to 02-04-2004
Sri K.Swaminathan Chairman 05-08-2004 to 27-01-2008
Sri A. Raghotham Rao Chairman 16-07-2008 to 24-04-2013
Sri C.R.Sekhar Reddy Chairman I/C 25-04-2013 to 13-08-2013
Dr.V.Bhaskar Chairman 19-09-2013 to 24-10-2014
Justice G. Bhavani Prasad Chairman 11-10-2014 to 29-10-2019
Sri A.V. Subba Rao Member 03-04-1999 to 02-04-2002
Sri D. Lakshminarayana Member 28-05-1999 to 28-04-2003
Sri K. Sreerama Murthy Member 05-06-2002 to 03-06-2006
Sri Surinder Pal Member 31-10-2003 to 16-06-2008
Sri R. Radha Kishen Member 16-06-2006 to 15-06-2011
Sri C.R.Sekhar Reddy Member 14-08-2008 to 13-08-2013
Sri. R.Ashoka Chari Member 03-05-2012 to 24-10-2014
Sri. P.Rajagopal Reddy Member 06-11-2013 to 24-10-2014
Dr. Pervela Raghu Member 11-02-2015 to 10-02-2020
Sri. Pendyala Rama Mohan Member 11-02-2015 to 10-02-2020

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