Orders / Commission Orders
S/N Appeal/Petition            Parties Date of Order
364Order passed in OP.No. 23 of 2020- Corrected copy as per the orders of the Hon ble Commission

M/s. Lanco Kondapalli Power Limited  Vs APEPDCL, APSPDCL Vs APPDC

363Order issued in I.A.No.9 of 2019 in O.P.No.2 of 2015 and I.A.No.10 of 2019 in O.P.No.1 of 2015

M/s. Andhra Pradesh Ferro Alloys Producers Association, M/s. Abhijeet FerroTech Limited, M/s. Andhra Ferro Alloys Ltd.
‚Äč Vs.

APSPDCL and Energy, GoAP

362Order passed in OP.No. 52 of 2019


361Order issued in RP No1 of 2019 in OPNo 30 of 2018 and RPNo 3 of 2019 in OP Nos 28 and 29 of 2018

M/s. Tirumala Cotton & Agro Products Pvt Ltd and M/s. Ravali Spinners Pvt Ltd. Vs M/s. Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd. and DISCOMs

360Order passed in IA.No.3 of 2019 in O.P.No.8 of 2018 O.P.No.42 of 2019 and O.P.No.27 of 2019

Order Passes in M/s. Lanco Kondapalli Power Ltd.,M/s. Srivathsa Power Projects Private Ltd., M/s. Spectrum Power Generation Limited Vs APSPDCL and APEPDCL

359Order passed in OP.No. 19 of 2020

M/s. Valeti Venkata Seshaiah S/o. Subbaramulu  
A N D 
1. The District Magistrate & District Collector, Prakasam District at Ongole

2. The Superintending Engineer, OMC Circle, APTRANSCO, Ongole

3. The Executive Engineer, Construction, APTRANSCO, Ongole   

358Order passed in OP.No. 45 of 2019

M/s. Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd, E.I.D-Parry (India) Limited, M/s. K.C.P. Sugars & industries Corporation Limited and M/s. SNJ Sugars and Products Ltd.Vs AP DISCOMs

357Order passed in I.A.No. 4 of 2020 in O.P.No.18 of 2020

M/s. Khandaleru Power Company Ltd. Vs APSPDCL and Others

356Order Passed in O.P. No. 34 of 2019

JSW Power Trading Company Ltd

355Order passed in OP.No. 30 of 2019

M/s. Sree Rayalaseema Green Energy Ltd

1. Southern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Ltd

2. Superintending Engineer, (Operation Circle)
Southern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Ltd 

354Order passed in OP. No. 49 of 2017

M/s. Southern Rocks & Minerals Pvt Ltd Vs APSLDC and others

353Order passed in OP.No. 40 of 2019

M/s. GMR Vemagiri Power Generation Ltd Vs APSPDCL, APEPDCL and M/s. Spectrum Power Generation Limited

352Order passed in OP.No. 57 of 2014 and I.A.No. 8 of 2015

M/s. Sardar Power Pvt. Limited Vs APEPDCL

351Order passed in the matter of Variable Cost for the period from 01-04-2019 to 31-03-2024 in respect of the existing Biomass Industrial Waste and Bagasse based plants.

OP.No. 75 of 2019

350Order issued in OP.No. 59 of 2019

M/s. Azure Power Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., and APSPDCL