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GTCS Consolidated version as on 13-04-2018
11-08-2017: Express Feeder - Amendment
06-01-2016: Enhancement of Power Supply Capacities - Amendment
04-01-2016: Phase shifters: Clarification on GTCS Clause 5.11.9
05-05-2015: Reduction of agreement period from two years to one year - Amendment
31-05-2014: Amendment of General Terms and Conditions of Supply
07-03-2012: Making provision for removal/regularisation of additional load of LT III detected during inspection
27-01-2009: GTCS - Threshold Power Factor Levels - Amendment Order
15-10-2009: Clarification on implementation of GTCS provisions - De-ration of Contract Demand
15-10-2009: Deration of Contract Demand - Clarification on implementation of GTCS provisions.