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Draft Policies/Discussion paper

Amendment to APERC Supply Code Regulation 2004 Public Notice Draft Amendment Statement of Reasons
Amendment to APERC Security Deposit Regulation 2004 Draft Regulation Public notice Statement of Reasons

Latest Regulations/Proceedings

Reg.No. 1 of 2012: Renewable Power Purchase Obligation Compliance by purchase of Renewable Energy/Renewable Energy Certificates Updated version English Telugu
Reg.No. 4 of 2017: APERC Forecasting Scheduling and Deviation Settlement of Solar and Wind Generation Regulation 2017 4 of 2017 View
Reg.No. 4 of 2014: APERC Reorganisation Regulation No.4 of 2014 English Telugu
Security Deposit Regulation: Reg. No. 6 of 2004 updated as on 17-08-2018 View
Reg.No. 2 of 2013: Conduct of Business Regulation No. 2 of 1999 Amendment 2 of 2013 (Principal Reg. 2 of 1999)

Latest Notifications

Revenue and Tariff Analysis for Electric Utilities of AP View Presentation Document
Tenure period of SAC Members - Gazette notification View
Public Hearing on Load Forecasts Resource Plans and State Electricity Plan for 4th and 5th Control Periods Public Notice APEPDCL APSPDCL APTransco_Resource Plan APTransco_State Electricity Plan
Petition Data View
Order passed on 01.09.2018 in I.A. No. 23 of 2018 in O.P.Nos.60 and 61 of 2017 View


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  • GTCS Consolidated version as on 13-04-2018 View
  • 07-03-2012: Making provision for removal/regularisation of additional load of LT III detected during inspection View
  • Regularisation of unauthorised additional domestic loads - Extension of time View

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