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Revenue and Tariff Analysis for Electric Utilities of AP
Daily proceeding order: 15.09.2018
15-09-2018: Hearing Schedule
Tenure period of SAC Members - Gazette notification
Public Hearing on Load Forecasts Resource Plans and State Electricity Plan for 4th and 5th Control Periods
Amendment to APERC Supply Code Regulation 2004
Amendment to APERC Security Deposit Regulation 2004
Petition Data
Order passed on 01.09.2018 in I.A. No. 23 of 2018 in O.P.Nos.60 and 61 of 2017
Daily proceeding order 01.09.2018
01-09-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily Proceeding order: 25-08-2018
25-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 18.08.2018
18-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Security Deposit Regulation: Reg. No. 6 of 2004 updated as on 17-08-2018
Order passed in the matter of Procurement of 400 MW Power from M/s. Simhapuri Energy Limited
17-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Order passed on 08.08.2018 in I.A.No.16 of 2018 in O.P.No.8 of 2018
Daily proceeding order 14.08.2018
Daily proceeding order 10.08.2018
13-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Order passed on 08-08-2018 in OP No. 13 of 2018
Daily proceeding order 08.08.2018
08-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
GTCS Consolidated version as on 13-04-2018
Public Notice on Petition filed by APEPDCL seeking permission to procure power from M/s. Srivathsa Power Projects.
Order passed on 01-08-2018 in I.A.No.15 of 2018 in OP.Nos. 60 and 61 of 2017
06-08-2018: Hearing Schedule
Daily proceeding order 04.08.2018