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Public notice issued in O.P. No. 46 of 2020 In the matter of Determination of the True up for Transmission business for 3rd control period View
Public Notice issued in O.P. No. 47 of 2020 in the matter of Petition for Determination of Tariff for Intra-State Transmission Lines of APTRANSCO. View
Order Passed in OP.No. 7 of 2020 - Evacuation of 12 X 80MW Power from Polavaram Hydro Electric Project in East Godavari District of AP View
Public Notice issued on maintenance of hearing files View
Public Notice issued in OP.No. 42 of 2020 - in the matter of Determination of Tariff for Intra-State transmission lines of APTRANSCO View
Public Notice issued in the matter of Regulation No.6 of 2004- seeking certain amendments to the Regulation. View
Press note on Commission s Order in OP.No. 46 of 2017 English | Telugu
Order passed in O.P.Nos. 16 of 2005 13 of 2006 5 of 2007 73 of 2012 74 of 2012 75 of 2012 76 of 2012 77 of 2012 and 8 of 2015 View

Latest Regulations/Proceedings

Reg.No. 2 of 2020 - Terms and conditions of appointment and payment of Remuneration to Empanelled Advocate Regulation View
Reg.No. 1 of 2020: First Amendment to the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission - Constitution of State Advisory Committee and its Functioning Regulation 2004 View
APERC Conduct of Business 5th Amendment Regulation 2019 View

Draft Policies/Discussion papers

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